LEAD CREATIVE — Soccer Bible is a print and online publication covering the latest in football product, culture and design. As art Director I was responsible for the visual treatment of the print publication from grading of images, overall look and feel, to graphics, type setting and everything in between. Cr. Soccor Bible, Hannah Lawless


CREATIVE DIRECTOR (Partnership with Colorway)— NYC press day for SSENSE was a contemporary showcase of their recent colabs. Teaming up with Colorway, our vision materialized in a space featuring raw, brutalist aesthetics and bespoke furniture, spotlighting key collection designs. This immersive temporary space marked a bold step in redefining the fashion presentation from an online narrative to in person. Carefully chosen materials and unique furniture, every detail spoke volumes about our commitment to pushing thier existing aesthetic. Cr. Colorway, Way Out Studio


CREATIVE DIRECTOR (Partnership with Colorway) — The Tuned Air, a sneaker celebrated globally and designed in Miami, yet its American identity remains understated. The 25th Anniversary became our canvas for an American narrative—one of unity and the beautiful overlaps that define us. Footwear transcends being merely an accessory; it becomes a vivid statement of identity. For the wearer of Tuned Air, it's a bold declaration—a testament to their inclination to do things differently. Bold, edgy, and rebellious, Tuned Airs stand out among the array on the Foot Locker wall. These sneakers echo a message, one effortlessly discerned by those attuned to the language of individuality. Led by Colorway, we were enlisted to provide creative direction. We successfully pitched the creative concepts, assembling an exceptional team of individuals, and took the lead in the areas of art direction, photography, typography, and video. Cr. ColorwayVirgil FloresCourtneyRyan ChunMax Henderson


CREATIVE DIRECTOR — To reconnect the brand to its core consumer in the Caribbean, we created “Respect the Bitter”, a culturally specific 360° campaign that celebrates the struggle that leads to success. Shot by visionary director Omar Jones and starring Jamaican dancehall legend Aidonia, the campaign acts as a reminder that, no matter what life puts in front of you, to earn respect, you have to give respect. Cr. Exposure , Omar Jones, Aidonia, Mystique


CREATIVE DIRECTOR (partnership with Colorway)— In a bid to captivate New York City this winter, our strategy revolves around a mobile experience – the Nuptse Truck. Serving as a captivating stunt and user-generated content hub, its larger-than-life exterior draws attention, while the museum-style interior provides an immersive experience. Focused on the 'Summit Gold' collection, the truck transforms into a gallery, showcasing hero products on pedestals amid archival imagery, creating a visually appealing and elevated framing. This strategic approach aims to surprise and delight New Yorkers, translating external excitement into genuine interest through a captivating blend of product presentation and brand storytelling.Success metrics include significant impacts in key neighborhoods, heightened consumer awareness, and increased brand visibility. By strategically placing the Nuptse Truck in key locations and engaging specific target groups, our objective is to create lasting impressions and generate user-generated content for sustained online engagement through a captivating creative approach. CR. Colorway

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ART DIRECTOR — 50 years on from the Stonewall riots we were tasked with the job of conceiving a campaign that was both iconic, celebratory and visually arresting. With an abundance of Pride focussed media around this time, we needed to stand out and ensure the BETRUE message was heard loud and clear. Through Nike we had access to a group of highly inspirational and celebrated LGBTQIA+ athletes, and we shared a message of progress and achievement, through the lens of support and teamwork. We wanted to focus on the allies of athletes as much as the athletes themselves, recognising and communicating the need for allyship to achieve true progress, and inspiring the next generation to continue working together for true equality. Cr. Rosie Lee, Cartel&Co, Caster Semenya, Chris Mosier, Brittney Griner, Sue Bird, Elissa Steamer, Eric Koston



CREATIVE DIRECTOR — Auckland Art Fair is New Zealand’s premier gathering place for contemporary art and I was hired for their rebranding project. The outcome uses a custom designed typeface based on previous branding, capitalising on their hard-earned brand recognition while creating an entirely new aesthetic. Cr. Auckland Art Fair, Joe Dowling, Best awards

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CREATIVE DIRECTOR — As part of adidas' global Member’s Week, we brought their exclusive CONFIRMED app to life in a secret industrial space on the Bowery. The location was teased via a mysterious social media campaign, culminating in a multi-sensory pop-up that blended human interaction with the app's digital world using surveillance cameras, interactive projections, and digital glitches. An opening party for VIPs kicked off the event, while guests were encouraged to join the CONFIRMED app for a chance to access all drops for a month. Cr. Exposure, Colorway, adidas NYC


ART DIRECTOR — Our mission was to launch the new Baxter of California (1965) range of hair, skin and shave essentials through the campaign ‘Life Lived True’. We executed this by telling authentic stories in videos and stills of street cast talent who we shot in their personal corners of Los Angeles. Cr. Exposure America, Baxter of California


ART DIRECTOR — This project involved taking over the Tate Modern Museum with Nike Running. After working with the Rosie Lee team from NYC to LDN to create a visual identity for London’s Fastest, we then worked to collaborate on a series of events that encouraged young runners across the city to form their own crews, culminating in London’s Fastest Night, a street race (and afterparty) hosted at the Tate Modern. Cr. Rosie Lee, Tate Modern


CREATIVE DIRECTOR — Huffer and Marvel came together to create a capsule collection and it was my job to find a comfortable medium for the juxtaposition of these two brands. This involved a roster of talent — including rapper Desiigner. Moody lighting, attitude, and the cinematic NYC were the back drop for two videos, a quiver of still images, and a series of parties where desiigner performed. Cr. Marvel, Huffer, Desiigner, Ryan Chun, Tim Lambourne


CREATIVE DIRECTION / BRANDING — Struggling with public opinion due to our utilization of prime downtown Auckland real estate, we harnessed our creative potential to revamp perceptions and revitalize the urban landscape. With a vision to blend art and industry, we birthed the concept of The Lightship—a transformation of the Ports of Auckland from a divisive feature into a pulsating cultural beacon. Through a fusion of aesthetic creativity, architectural prowess, and innovative technology, we transformed a three-story car handling building into a dynamic canvas for artistic expression. At the heart of our artistic statement stands Australasia’s largest reduced LED format digital light wall—a testimony to the power of unique branding, aesthetically synchronizing the building with its new purpose as a contemporary public art gallery. Deliverables includes, full brand identity, website, city wide OOH campaign and screen graphics. Cr. Crave , Sarah Hopkinson, Best Awards


CREATIVE/ART DIRECTOR — Huffer dropped a collection of outerwear that harked back to their roots in snowboarding and skateboarding and our job was to place this in a contemporary streetwear market. The resulting campaign was themed around transit and the practicality of getting from A to B in an urban environment, with the resultant stills and video promoted through traditional media. Cr. Huffer, Tim Lambourne, Ryan Chun



ART DIRECTOR — adidas Originals Grammys Concert. In Manhattan on the Saturday of the Grammys, Adidas hosted a brand experience inspired by the new film Never Finished. Executed in an old Modell’s sports store opposite Madison Square Garden, 600 guests experienced Lighting installations, wayfinding, sculptural elements, projections, custom furniture and more — all created specifically for the concert. The lineup was curated by Mura Musa, and featured Nao, Playboi Carti, Desiigner, Vegyn, and more. Cr. Exposure America

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ART DIRECTOR — Foundations Magazine is an independent, biannual print publication focused on contemporary art and public programming. As Art Director it was my job to redesign the existing format and visuals to bring the publication into a new graphic chapter. With ample bold imagery supplied, the assignment was to compliment this imagery with the appropriate typography and graphics. Cr. Sebastian Gladstone


FEATURE ARTIST — Völkl ski 19/20 freestyle ski range. As Feature artist for the 19/20 season I was asked to create seven different designs including the much awaited Revolt 121. Working alongside a large team of völkl’s best athletes, skilled engineers, and the product management team, the outcome of this creative fusion redefined the process of ski building, with the results being innovative, stylish and most of all authentic. The skis won the world tour, made numerous appearances at the Olympics in Korea and the X games — and were a staple piece of equipment for some of the world’s best freestyle skiers. Cr. Völkl, Art Practice



DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR — Working with Rosie Lee and US retailer American Eagle we worked on an ambitious new branding project. Alongside their design team we developed a new set of visuals that updated their existing branding for use throughout the company’s clothing and communication. The new logo is currently being used at their AE concept store on Union Square, New York and will be rolled out across the 1,000 stores worldwide in the coming months. Cr. Rosie Lee, Rick Ross



CREATIVE DIRECTION — Reveling in 25 years of legendary New Zealand streetwear icon Huffer, we were assigned the task of designing a range of snowboard gear. Drawing inspiration from their inaugural range, we crafted a contemporary tribute to their monumental milestone, creating a design fusion that reflects Huffer's enduring style. In addition, we've directed the aesthetics  and fit-out of their fresh flagship store, a beacon for the street-style faithful in DT Auckland City. It's a throwback to the 90s skate and music scene - a melting pot of culture and camaraderie. This isn't just a store, it's a tribute to a legacy; a hangout spot for creatives and a crossroads for style and community. Cr. Steve Dunstan, Best awards, Huffer, The Lennon Project, Dylan Butt



CREATIVE DIRECTOR — Campaign created for an already designed Summer clothing collection – RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME. This involved all-round creative and art direction to generate a body of branded content to use in editorial, billboards, online, and on television. The campaign draws on cultural differences and abnormalities, emphasised through the refined street wear aesthetic set against the contrasting ‘Lost in Translation‘ backdrop — Tokyo City. Tired of fashion being taken so seriously, Huffer’s mischievous approach to the industry has been portrayed through this presentation using long time friend Dave England of “Jackass” and New York model Lilli Sumner to create a refreshing look at street wear (and their upcoming Summer ranges). Cr. Huffer, Dave England, Lilly Sumner


ART DIRECTOR — This project was a global product shoot that was centered around the famed and ubiquitous Rainbow Flag, designed by Gilbert Baker. This was the first piece of a much bigger puzzle promoting awareness of gender equality in sport. Cr. Cartel&Co, Rosie Lee, Thistle Brown


ART DIRECTION — In a fusion of innovation and style, we curated a pulsating launch experience and press event for adidas' revolutionary Futurecraft 4D - a 3D-printed shoe constructed with light and oxygen, pushing the boundaries of conventional shoe design. This ground-breaking product was introduced to a congregation of attendees, influencers, and media through an immersive display of light-based art installations, live product demos,  making for an unforgettable product showcase. The Futurecraft 4D launch was a contemporary intersection of technology, music, and culture. Cr. Exposure, Adidas, flying Lotus, Daniel Arsham, Action Bronson